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20 Apr

Authentic Movement China program preparation module started

Inspirees, the leading institute for body-mind training in China, has started the preparation module of Authentic Movement China training program. The program is led by Marcia Plevin, BC-DMT, the program director and lead teacher, together with Rosa Maria Govoni, BC-DMT, both also teaching in Inspirees Dance Therapy and Creative Movement program.

The first cohort in China has started in end April 2021 for the preparation module. In total 18 students were admitted and divided into two groups for the intensive training and coaching.

Several webinars were organized to bring Authentic Movement program closer to the Chinese and international community, one of them was presented in December 2020 with the presence of Dr. Janet Adler, one of the pioneers in this field.

Authentic Movement is a contemplative embodied practice of exploring one’s self through body movement developed in the United States by Mary Stark Whitehouse (1960’s) expanded and deepened by the studies and work of Joan Chodorow and Janet Adler. Three basic threads create the weave of this practice: To Move – the mover. To be Seen – the witness, and the Relationship between them.

Origins of the practice belong to the natural need of the infant to be seen and supported with love at the moment of birth. As adults, we too have a longing to be seen to be who we are in relationship to a loving compassionate non-judgmental other. Overtime within the sacred space of the practice the mover now moving in a collective senses connection of oneself to the larger reality of unity consciousness, being connected to the whole.

Authentic Movement with its roots in dance movement therapy is used in clinical settings in psychotherapy, for training therapists, in supervision, in educational and creative venues and for spiritual growth practice.  From its beginnings in the United States, it is now taught and practiced in countries around the world.

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