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16 Mar

WAEF2023 DT/MT Summit with Big Success



March 15, 2023

Dance Therapy/ Movement Therapy Summit of the World Arts and Embodiment Forum (WAEF2023) was finished with huge success last week. Together with Pre-conference, there were more than 34 sessions of presentations, workshops, panel/key conversations and film screening during the 5 days, with more than 60 speakers and panelists, joined by some 230 registered delegates from more than 15 countries and regions in the first summit of WAEF2023.

DT/MT Curators

With this summit, we have brought you from different part of the world together, to help you connected. Every country, every one of us has challenge in our work and life. Please don’t feel alone and remember you are supported by colleagues here and many in other part of the world. Let’s reach out and get nourished within our global community. To dream alone is just a dream but dreaming together is a REALITY.

Thanks again to all our speakers for your exciting and inspiring presentations and workshops, and to all the participants for the summit. Because of your participation and presence, our community gets lively and prosperous. Our gratitude extends to Inspirees organizing team, hosts, translators and technical support, for your hard and excellent work to make the event so smooth and amazing.

Finallly, we invite you to join the other 600 participants for the upcoming three summmits (CM Summit, LBMS Summit and AM Summit) with exciting programs. Please check for details.

WAEF Organizing Committee and all the presenters, event partners look forward to meeting you at the next summit!


Some comments from participants

Many thanks to you Vivien, the curators and all  for the work and care taken in getting the summit together. Of course at the foundation is Tony’s vision and determination ! The personal energies of us all up on the screen remains in my mind and eye. This was an incredible opportunity for sharing and learning together. My Deepest Thanks and Gratitude — Marcia Plevin (Italy/USA)

From the panel discussion, I was so inspired and I just talked with my colleagues from the other creative arts therapy modalities in Hong Kong yesterday. We are planning to bring more awareness about the ideas of decolonization in our professional field and will have more conversations about that. No matter how we call it as ripple or butterfly effect … it is creating the effect and shifting indeed — Michelle Wan Lok Chan (Hongkong, China)

I would like to deeply thank you from the heart for this remarkable organisation, the so warm, smiling, and benevolent welcome, the patience, availability, efficiency and competence of the whole team. I am very impressed and very touched…You almost made us forget that this forum was in video and not in presence… And overall I thank you for giving a voice to the opposition to the domination of an  unique model of dance therapy, supposedly non-directive and libertarian;  It was so comforting to have heard other voices, from Asia (and not only the European DRT) to call for a new form of dance-therapy more respectful of the traditional oral knowledges and principles — France Schott-Billmann (France)

WAEF2023 Grand Opening

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