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02 Oct

Inspirees – Orpea Shanghai Arts Therapies Center Established

[Sept 20, 2023, Shanghai]

Inspirees Arts Therapy Training and Practice Center (Shanghai) was established in collaboration with Orpea Healthcare Group China in Shanghai, the 2nd Inspirees-Orpea center in China. The ceremony was attended by Benoit Garcin, the Orpea China CEO. Inspirees is also one of the participating institutions for the research program on non-medicine approach for dementia in partnership with Orpea and Peking Union Medical College Hospital (PUMCH), launched in September 2023.  PUMCH is the top hospital and research institution in the field of cognitive disease in China.

Orpea with its headquarter in France, is a leading institution providing high-end healthcare and rehablitation services for the elderly in China. It currently has three branches in China: Nanjing, Shanghai and Changsha. Since 2018, graduates from Inspirees training programs have been sent to work in Orpea.

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