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16 Apr

Inspirees CEO invited to speak on Arts and Healthcare Conference

On April 18, 2021, the 12th annual Arts and Healthcare Conference, “Celebrating the National and International Impact of the Integration of the Arts Within the Intersection of Health, Education and Therapy,” is presented by Lesley University, in partnership with The Journal of Applied Arts and Health and Journal of Creative Arts in Education and Therapy: Eastern and Western Perspectives (CAET). The Co-Founder and CEO of Inspirees, Dr. Tony Yu Zhou, is invited to speak on the impact in Asia. Dr. Zhou also founded CAET journal with Prof. Shaun McNiff from Lesley University in 2015.

This conference will explore aspects of the full integration of art and the creative process into education, mental health, community, health and human services around the world. The conference presenters will talk about their process of utilizing the contagion of art and the creative process with depth and discipline and will share some of their approaches, creative transformations, program development activities, and arts-based research. The intersectionalities and integration of the arts will be explored as a process that includes all of the senses and all modalities of expression. This approach relates to working with the whole person through all of the art forms and engaging others with “everything they” have within the context of creativity.

For more details, please go to the conference website.

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