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05 Apr

CAET Chinese Book Edition Published

The first volume of CAET Chinese Book edition is published by Inspirees International Publishing in May 2022.  The book includes some 20 exciting articles originally published in CAET journal and covers a range of art forms including visual art/dance/drama/music education and therapy. It is divided into three parts: Overview, Local Practice, East Meets West with total number of 160,000 words with full-color pictures from the articles included.

The book is a result of global collaboration: over 30 authors from China and overseas including past Co-Editor-in-Chief Prof. Shaun McNiff, Dr. Debra Kalmanowitz, a doze of translators and proofreaders, sponsored by IACAET (International Association of Creative Arts in Education and Therapy) and Inspirees (publisher).  It is a manifesto of the important work of ours and will be given as gifts (free copy) to all the Chinese IACAET members, and later made available to the Chinese institutions in both print and electronic format.

Download the publishing announcement CAET精选中文版 出版通告 – 中文繁体




“In 2015 Tony Zhou established CAET, Creative Arts in Education and Therapy: Eastern and Western Perspectives. Rather than adopting prevailing Western arts therapy practices and ideologies, the journal encouraged the development of the field in China and its neighboring regions, and the world, with careful consideration of the contributions of East Asia. This volume of the book translates selections from issues 1 through 8 of CAET, originally published for an international audience in English, for readers in China. The book, and its authors, model how various world traditions suggest elements of art healing shared by the entire human community” – Shaun McNiff, University Professor Emeritus, Lesley University

2015年,周宇博士創立了《創造性藝術教育和治療- 東西方視角》CAET期刊。該雜誌沒有採用慣有的西方主導的藝術治療實踐和意識形態,而是鼓勵該領域在中國及其周邊地區乃至全世界的發展,並週慮到東亞的貢獻。本卷著作精選將最初為全球讀者出版的第一至第八期CAET的英文論文翻譯後呈現給中國的讀者。本書及其作者們,為我們提供了一個榜樣:即世界各種傳統是如何提供整個人類社會所共享的藝術療愈元素的。 – 肖恩-麥克尼夫,萊斯利大學榮譽教授

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