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08 Apr

International Symposium of LBMS 2022 Finish with Big Success


The International Symposium of LBMS 2022 was finished successfully last week April 3, 2022. The theme of this symposium is: Evolution and Development of the Laban/Bartenieff Movement System – the Ongoing Legacy of Rudolf Laban and Irmgard Bartenieff. The scale and quality of this event has exceeded our expectations. There were more than 25 presentations and workshops in the past 3 days, with more than 30 speakers, and more than 260 colleagues from more than 15 countries and regions registered to participate in the conference. The talks and discussions cover most cutting-edge development in the world, making it an important summit in our somatic field. It gave us a lot to digest and reflect. This symposium is an important ritual for us to honor Laban and Bartenieff, the founders of LBMS, for their outstanding contributions to this field. We also like to thank other pioneers and practitioners, including each of you who have continued to contribute and develop the work of Laban and Bartenieff.

Thanks again to all our speakers for your exciting and inspiring presentations and workshops, and to all the participants for the symposium. Because of your participation and presence, our community gets lively and prosperous. Our gratitude extends to our organizing team members, hosts and translators, for your hard and excellent work to make the event so successful.

It is especially gratifying to see that our Chinese CMA graduates and other LBMS, Dance Therapy, Creative Movement graduates and students are actively engaged in the local practice of LBMS in China and present their wonderful work at this conference. They are the backbones of the future development of LBMS in China, carrying the vision of Laban and Bartenieff.

Finally, we invite our colleagues to continue to nurture our global community together in the spirit of support, sharing, dialoguing, diversity, inclusivity, and collaboration, and make it a home you feel connected and belong to and supported by whenever you need it.

Inspirees and the Organizing Committee team look forward to meeting you at the next LBMS Conference! Our best wish to everyone!

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