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18 Jan

CAET Webinar Series

Following the success of our webinar series Laban – History, Applications and Frontiers, which was launched in 2017 and which has attracted  a worldwide audience, we will present a...

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18 Jan

Everybody Is a Body

Movement connects us all.  All of us are  moving, all of the time. The moving body is the foundation of human activity. In a world where technological advancement allows...

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16 Jan

Arts-body-mind Personal Growth Masterclass

The Ten Icons of the Buffalo A Creative Path to Search and Discover the Self “We Seek Stillness in Movement, and we Seek Movementin Stillness” The Ten Icons of...

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31 Dec

Hello world!

Welcome to WordPress. This is your first post. Edit or delete it, then start writing!

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22 Oct

Latin American Wedding ceremonies

A bride price Latin celebration is the way of the near future bride. In India the marriage is a habit performed by both the family members as well as...

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21 Oct

Most recent Dating Online Services – Methods to Meet Females Without Becoming a member of A Special

A lot of men are thinking about where they should find sites to meet women. They’ve used a lot of ladies at the internet yet don’t know how to...

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14 Oct

Obtaining Legitimate Worldwide Dating Sites That happen to be Reliable

Are you looking for legitimate international online dating sites? If you are not alone. There are many people looking for a good place to meet other people from around...

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13 Oct

Discovering Women With respect to Marriage is straightforward These Days

For centuries, international women possess recently been married off in far away lands, carrying culture and tradition with them along the ocean. After a while this personalized has passed...

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11 Oct

Sugars Daddies in Australia – Finding the Right One

Sugar infants are often referred to as “sugar daddies” as well as the male version of sugar daddy. It is a marriage where a guy provides budgetary gifts or...

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07 Oct

How come There Exquisite Ukrainian Women?

With its quickly developing and advancing overall economy, the Ukraine has its own beautiful ladies looking for men. The beauty of women of all ages in this section of...

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