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18 Jan

Laban/Bartenieff Movement Studies – History, Applications and Frontiers: New seasons

Inspirees Institute, Laban/Bartenieff Institute of Movement Studies (LIMS) and CAET are proud to present the Laban webinar series. The experts from different fields will share with the audience the fascinating stories and development of the history, applications and frontiers in the Laban field. The webinars will be organized as the online lecture every three weeks through the year of 2017-2018, with one hour each including the lecture and Q&A. The lectures are given in English with PPT and videos.

This webinar is primarily intended for researchers, educators and practitioners who have interest in Laban movement studies and would like to broaden their knowledge in Laban field.  It is also a platform for exchanges among professionals. It is not the replacement for systematic training for Laban theory. The participants should have some basic knowledge about Laban theory in order to follow the seminars.  Otherwise, we recommend you to follow some basic course of LMA/BF and study the materials below.

Some references

  • Body Movement: coping with the environment. Irmgard Bartenieff, Publisher: Routledge ISBN 0677055005
  • A primer for movement description. Cecily Dell, Publisher Princeton Book Co Pub ISBN  0932582036
  • Space Harmony. Cecily Dell, Aileen Crow. Publisher Princeton Book Co Pub ISBN  0932582125
  • Rudolf Laban. Karen Bradley. Publisher Routledge ISBN  0415375258
  • Everybody is a body. Karen Studd & Laura Cox. Publisher Dog Ear Publishing ISBN  1457518503
  • Be Fluent in Your Other Native Language. Karen Bradley, Tony Zhou. Creative Arts Education and Therapy, 2015, 1(1): 53-62.



Following the success of our webinar series Laban – History, Applications and Frontiers​, which was launched in 2017 and which has attracted a worldwide audience, and our second series titled “Creative Arts Education and Therapy – History, Applications and Frontiers​” running on the air. We invite 13 more outstanding scholars and experts from Laban Community to share the latest development with you, continuing our journey with the Laban/Bartenieff legacy.

20 Recordings from previous seminars, with the upcoming 10 live stream sessions and recordings, You will have the latest, most complete and professional online materials to enrich your knowledge and skills.


Module No. Title Speaker
1 1 Laban History: A Legend Karen Bradley (US)
2 Laban and Somatics: global perspectives Karen Studd (US)
3 Laban and embodied leadership/coaching Karen Bradley (US)
2 4 Laban and Ergonomics/physiotherapy Hilary Bryan (US)
5 Laban and Neuroscience Karen Bradley (US)
6 Laban and Dance therapy, Family therapy Barbara Nordstrom-Loeb (US)
7 Laban and performing arts Alexandra Baybutt (UK)
3 8 Labanotation, Motif and LMA Jackie Hand (US)
9 Laban and robotics Amy Laviers (US)
10 Laban and creative movement Marcia Plevin (Italy)
11 Laban and Education Frederic Curry (US)
12 Laban, spirits and healing Penny Chang (US)
 4 13 Laban and Sports Enrique Pisani (Belgium),Tony Zhou (China)
14 Laban and Anthropology Karen Bradley (US), Miriam Philips (US)
15 Laban in Asia Vincent Yong (Singapore),Tony Zhou (China),

Nayung Kim (South Korea)

16 Laban in Europe Antja Kennedy (Germany)
17 Laban and peace mediation Karen Bradley (US)
 5 18 Laban and Emotional Resiliency Rachelle Tsachor (US), Tal Shafir (Israel)
19 Laban and Personal Empowerment: Focus on Public Speaking Regina Miranda (Brazil)
20 Laban for children education and therapy Suzi Tortora (US)
6 21 LMA/BF application in psychiatric hospital, Ted Ehrhardt (US)
22 Corporate training with LBMS Toranika Washington (US)
23 Using LBMA to Cultivate Creativity and Community during Dance Technique Class Cadence Whittier (US)
24 Moving Seniors – Maintaining Essential Movement with Bartenieff Fundamentals John Chanik (US)
25 Laban for Actors Katya Bloom (US)
7 26 Methodologies for Creating Conscious Integration of Body, Effort, Shape, and Space within Laban/Bartenieff Classes Peggy Hackney (US)
27 Motif as an essential LBMS tool for teaching cross-culturally Cat Maguire/Karen Studd (US)/Alexandra Baybutt (UK)
28 The Dancing Physical Therapist Marieke Delannoy/Peter van Burken (Netherlands)
29 The body is the instrument – Coaching Musicians through LBMS Katharina Conradi (Netherlands)
30 Rudolf Laban’s Rosicrucian philosophy: the practical mystic Juliet Chambers-Coe (UK)



  1. Pay by seminar (1hour): 50USD/Recordings only: 40USD
  2. Pay by module
    • Module 1 (3 seminars): 105 USD- recordings only
    • Module 2 (4 seminars): 140 USD- recordings only
    • Module 3 (5 seminars): 175 USD- recordings only
    • Module 4 (5 seminars): 175 USD- recordings only
    • Module 5 (3 seminars): 105 USD- recordings only
    • Module 6 (5 seminars): 200 USD- Live stream and recordings
    • Module 7 (5 seminars): 200 USD- Live stream and recordings
  3. All-in-one package for Module 1-5 recordings: 600 USD (individual single license), 1200 USD (institutional multi license)
  4. All-in-one package for Module 1-7 10 lives and 30 recordings: 900 USD (individual single license), 1800 USD (institutional multi license)

To register, please follow the link to complete the registration.

Benefit for those who sign for the whole package

  • Full access to the recorded seminars later on
  • On completion of the whole series, the participants can get a certificate (proof of the study hours) with signatures from the organizers

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