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30 Nov

Published Proceedings of The World Arts and Embodiment Forum (WAEF) 2023


The World Arts and Embodiment Forum (WAEF) is a global event platform to support the development of the creative arts and somatics in a wide range of fields within education and therapy, including healthcare and wellness, performing arts and other allied professions. With multiple layers of challenges each of us and the whole world is facing, we are eagerly searching for stabilization and breakthrough paradoxically in our life and profession.

We are delighted to present the contributions of various groups and speakers as part of the WAEF proceedings, now available globally.


WAEF2023 Conference Proceedings
(For Participants outside of China)

WAEF2023 大会论文集

March- April,2023, Hybrid


To cite this proceeding, please use the format below:

Author Last name, Initial. (2023). Abstract title (pp. page number).  The World Arts and Embodiment Forum 2023 Proceedings. The Hague, the Netherlands: Inspirees International Publishing.


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