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18 Jan

Dance/Movement Therapy – A Healing Arts

This revised edition celebrates the rich history of the dance movement therapy’s early pioneers and the healing aspects of psychomotor expression, with over 300 pages of valuable information. Here’s what experts in the field say about Dance Movement Therapy: A Healing Art Levy’s updated and expanded edition is long overdue…Chapters have been newly added dealing with children with special needs, victims of abuse, the physically challenged, work in the corporate settings, and those with eating disorders. Important historical sections on dance therapy’s influences, both geographically and theoretically, have been substantially updated and expanded. All those who teach and seriously study the theory and practice of movement therapy will need to acquire this new edition. –Vicky J. Risner, Music Division, Library of Congress

This book is essential for anyone who is curious about Dance Movement Therapy. Dr. Levy has updated this most popular of DMT books with new chapters on exciting developments in the field and contributions from several reputable experts. This is the book we’ll go to, first, for basic, accurate, thorough information about the field.  All of us, beginners and advanced therapists alike, will treasure Dr. Levy’s comprehensive portrait of the field. –Sherry W. Goodill, Ph.D., ADTR, LPC; Associate Professor and Director, College of Nursing and Health Professions, Drexel University

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