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18 Jan

CAET Webinar Series

Following the success of our webinar series Laban – History, Applications and Frontiers, which was launched in 2017 and which has attracted  a worldwide audience, we will present a second series titled “Creative Arts Education and Therapy – History, Applications and Frontiers”. We invite some of the most influential and promising educators and therapists to deliver online presentations. This year-long program aims at bringing  professionals in the field of arts education and therapy  together throughout the world, to stimulate a critical dialogue, and facilitate networking to strengthen our profession, in line with the mission of the Inspirees and CAET.


The whole series has 7 modules in  education and therapy, related to different art forms of music, drama, dance, expressive art, poetry, and play. Each module consists of 4-8 seminars. Every seminar is of one hour duration, including 40-45 minutes of lecture plus a 15-20 minutes long Q&A session. All sessions are recorded (live), so as to be available for future instruction and learning. Towards this end,  we have recruited a team to support the technical and logistic aspects of the sessions.

In the meantime, with our Laban series​‘s finale at Dec 2018. The CAET series​, consisting of 30 plus webinars, launched in December 2018 and will run through 2021. From these webinar presenters, we will eventually select the speakers for the CAET World Forum, held live in Europe and China. In addition, the revenues from this webinar series will be used to sponsor open access publishing of our CAET journal and the academic conferences in China and Europe.

For this event, we also invite and select  interested institutions to be the event partners in this elite club. The partnership is free of charge and your institution’s name and web link will be listed on the event pages. Besides, the members associated with your organization will get a discounted price for the webinars. If you would like to join this partnership program, please send us the name, logo, and a very brief introduction of your institution, together with the estimated number of  associated members.

About the SPEAKERS

About the AGENDA

(Please note the live sessions have finished. If you like to watch the recordings, please get in touch with us)


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