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05 Dec

WAEF 2023 General Promgram

The World Arts and Embodiment Forum (WAEF)

General Program

(Released on Dec 5, 2022)


R/K: Roundtable group discussion/Key conversation
W: Workshop
P: Presentations
A: Art Performance


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Pre-Conference (February 25 & March 3/4, 2023)


Inspirees Education Group
Art Therapy Italiana, Russian DMT Association, Shanghai Sports University, DfPD/MMDG, Beijing Normal University, IACAET, CAET



Format Title Speaker(s) Topic
P A Thematic Exploration of Space Effort As A Tool To Manage Healthy Relationships and Boundaries. Rotem Hornedo Clinical application/Wellbeing/Professional practice
P Sharing of practice in creative dancing and dance therapy groups for the elderly in Chinese high-class nursing institutions Peng Lin,
Xing Shanshan
Education/Clinical application/Indigenous healing
P Arts-based and mixed methods research in an evidence-based practice world Elizabeth (Liesbet) Manders Research
W Movement, Dance, the Brain Ageing Journey and the Role of the DMT in making a difference Richard Coaten Clinical application/Social justice


3/4-Mar (US, China dates vary due to time difference)

W Art of Embodied Organizational/Corporate Development and Leadership Malini Nagpal Leadership
p Learning Dance Movement Therapy but how? Brigitte Züger Eduction
W Accompanying change! Choreo-therapeutic strategies in dance/ movement therapy Fabian Chyle-Silvestri Professional practice
W Dancing From Our Baselines: Distinguishing Effort Use in the DMT Session to Increase Our Understanding of the Danced Dialogue Cheryl Clark Clinical application/Social justice
W/K Dancing Equity: Working toward engagement, access and connection in culturally diverse communities David Leventhal Community/Wellbeing/Professional practice



Dance Therapy/Movement Therapy Summit (March 9-12, 2023

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Inspirees Education Group
Art Therapy Italiana, Russian DMT Association, Shanghai Sports University, IACAET, CAET


9/10-Mar (US, China dates vary due to time difference)

Format Title Speaker(s) Topic
P Harnessing Beauty in the Healing Practice of Dance/Movement Therapy Rebekka Dieterich-Hartwell,  Anne Margrethe Melsom, Mary Patterson, Lara Tant  Clinical application/Wellbeing/Professional practice
P Enhancing Resilience: Teaching Embodiment Practices to Adolescents and Young Adults Susan Bauer Education/Wellbeing
W LivingDance~LivingMusic: Where Dance is the Star and Psychology the Supporting Actor. Danielle L. Fraenkel, JeffreyMehr Theory/Clinical application/Social justice
P The Neuroscience of Dance Therapy Wolfgang Mastank Theory/Clinical application
P Reflections on the Influence of Ethnic Chinese Cultural Attribute on Individual Vitality in Dance Therapy Hao Xin Clinical application/Indigenous healing/Professional practice
P Developing Methods for a receptive dance movement therapy Rosemarie Samaritter Theory/Clinical application
W Where is the Dance in Dance Movement Therapy (Psychotherapy)? Jeannette MacDonald Clinical application/Professional practice
O Opening Tony Zhou, Vivien Speiser
K Global Panel – From tradition to diversity, innovation and breakthrough: Key conversations on dance and movement therapy around the world Sharon Chaiklin, Helen Payne, Yael Barkai, Rosa Maria Govoni, France Schott-Billmann, Anne Fisk, Diana Fischman, Irina V. Biryukova, Sabine Koch, Rainbow Ho, Devika Mehta, Sudesh Mantillake, Wolfgang Mastnak, Connor Kelly, Marcia Plevin, Kyung Soon Ko History/Community/Professional practice

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10/11-Mar (US, China dates vary due to time difference)

P Indigenous Practice and Teaching of Dance Movement Therapy: Eastern and Western Perspectives Linda Cao Baker Education/Indigenous healing/Professional practice
P Move before we dance–Localized Practice and Experience in Dance/Movement Therapy  Zhang Mao Indigenous healing/Professional practice
W The Concept of Yin and Yang in Dance/Movement Therapy —- A Cycle of Return, Re-feeding and Vitality  Katee Yan Shen, Hao Xin Education/Community/Professional practice
P Dance Rhythm Therapy between tradition and modernity France Schott-Billmann History/Theory
W Introduction to Physical Storytelling with Application to Supervision within Dance Therapy E. Connor Kelly Professional practice/Clinical supervision for DMT
P Expressive Arts Therapy for building Empathy and Self-Esteem in Adolescents Mausam Nagda Community/Indigenous healing/Wellbeing
P Dance/movement therapy for autism children Magulan Danmu Community/Performance/Wellbeing
P Buddhist Psychology intersects with Dance Movement Therapy Anubha Doshi & Tripura Kashyap Indigenous healing/Wellbeing/Spirituality
P Introducing Dance Movement Psychotherapy in Eastern European Psychiatric Hospitals and Mental Health Communities Loredana Larionescu Clinical application/Community/Professional practice
K Western Teachers, Chinese Students:  How Shall We Meet? Joan Wittig, Marcia Plevin,

Rosa Maria Govoni,

Christina Devereaux, Ted Ehrhardt,

Tony Zhou, Katee Shen and others

Education/Clinical application/Community


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11/12-Mar (US, China dates vary due to time difference)

P How can DMT help children who experienced neglect and abuse embody their experience that occurred during the pre-verbal stage?  Mioi Forster-Nakayama Clinical application/Professional practice/Disability
W Culturally Sensitive Dance Movement Therapy for Grief and Trauma Recovery Ilene Ava Serlin Clinical application
P Using the relationship with our cells and inner ecosystem to bridge inner connection and outer expression within the field of Dance Movement Psychotherapy Aparna Ramkrishnan Clinical application/Wellbeing
W The resilient dancing of a mountain community. Monica Re Community/Wellbeing/Professional practice
P Dance movement therapy for depression: the evidence so far and future directions Vicky Karkou, Supritha Aithal, Zoe Moula, Emma Perris Clinical application
P The contribution of DMT in the exploration, integration and prevention of birth trauma. Ana Luisa Meza Ferrari Education/Wellbeing/Trauma
P Dance Movement Therapy  tools to empower female community leaders in rural areas  who have been victims of the armed conflict in Colombia. María Andrea García Community/Social justice/Professional practice
W Dancing to Reconcile: Fostering Community Healing after Armed Conflict through Dance/Movement Therapy David Alan Harris Clinical application/Community/Justice and Reconciiation after Armed Conflict
K A dynamic dialogue engaging diverse arts and embodied perspectives on meeting trauma and building resilience Susan Scarth, Amber Gray, Farah Fancy, Michelle Chan, Ronen Meirovich,  Sevin Seda Güney, Ulrich Sollmann Clinical application/Indigenous healing/Ecology


Creative Movement Summit (March 24-26, 2023)

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Inspirees Education Group
Association of Creative Movement (Italy), IACAET, CAET



Format Title Speaker(s) Topic
P Creative resources in times of fear and uncertainty Maria Elena Garcia Education/Wellbeing
W Reviewing the Creative Dialogue Project: Using Online Creative Arts Improvisations across Countries and Cultures during the COVID Pandemic Steve Harvey, E. Connor Kelly, Tingting Song, Tanvi Rodriques International Crisis
P Be-coming Tree: Live streamed transnational project building global resilience through embodied arts Penny Best, Jatun Risba, Danièle Minns Community/Ecology/Performance
W Embodied architecture – a new perspective of the life space Elisabetta Leodori, Evelena Bassu, Micaela di Benedetti Community/Wellbeing/Professional practice
P Through actions of the body we can develop the longest sustaining memories. Tang Wanling Education/Performance/Professional practice
O Opening Curators
P Moving on the bridge between Creative Movement and Dance Movement therapy: an inquiry of their similarities and differences in training and practice Marcia Plevin & Joan Wittig Education/Wellbeing/Professional practice
W Minds in Motion: Creative Movement as a Language for Learning Susan Griss Education
P Creative Movement applied to dancers: testimony of a didactic path Patrizia Macagno History/Education
A The Regenerative Body Elikem Kunutsor Performance/Wellbeing/Spirituality


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24/25-Mar (US, China dates vary due to time difference)

W Mettler-based Creative Dance: Cultivating Individual Expression and Collective Dance-Making Mary Ann Brehm Education/Community/Wellbeing
P Creative movement and conducting for students of music education Riccardo Lombardo Education/Professional practice/Music
W The Body as Felt, Known, Poetic Place. A songline of eco-relationship with all sentience through image and dance improvisation. Narelle Carter-Quinlan Ecology/Wellbeing/Spirituality
P The sense of (creative) movement: Possible interactions/integrations between Creative Movement and Philosophy Simona Donato Education/Ecology/Philosophy
P Localization Practice of Children’s Creative Dance Course Chen Li Education/Professional practice
P Play and creativity in adulthood through the Creative Movement Gracia-Plevin Method® Tiziana Giansante Education/Wellbeing
W Body awareness and movement for skills-based learning and self-care in higher education: a model based on Dance Movement Therapy Rosa-María Rodríguez-Jiménez Education/Wellbeing/Soft skills development
P Creative Dance as Experiential Learning in State Primary Education: The Potential Benefits for Children Helen Payne Theory/Education/Professional practice
A Spring Tides of an Unspoiled Girl Loredana Larionescu, Alexandra Balasoiu Community/Performance/Social justice


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P Discover Moving Nature: Movement Activities Resource for Care-Givers and Professionals Jordine R Cornish Clinical application/Community/Wellbeing
W Dance Ability® – An inclusive dance practice to break through isolation! Fabian Chyle-Silvestri Community/Performance/Professional practice
A The creative process in the time of Covid-19 on the example of choreopoetry with creative movement Mojca Kasjak & Alenka Vidrih Preformance
W Changing Flow states through connective dance/ movement practices in the Parkinson’s community. Melanie Brierley Community/Wellbeing/Professional practice
P Merging Science with the Sacred: Self-care through Somatics, Dance and the Spiritual Wisdom of our Indigenous Ancestors Helene Su Ecology/Wellbeing/Spirituality
P Dancing through Landscapes – Dance Movement Therapy meets Landscape Analytics Julia Morozova Education/Ecology
P [Video] Path to creativity: a story of an experience with children during the lockdown Gea Lucetti Education/Wellbeing
K The Training, Practice and Application of Creative Movement in different realities Harvey, Conner, Griss, Garcìa, Best, Xiong, Rodriguez, Shen, Plevin Education/Community/Wellbeing


Laban/Bartenieff Movement System Summit (April 10-13, 2023)

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Inspirees Education Group
University of Essex (UK)
East 15 Acting School, São Paulo State University (Brazil) , IACAET, CAET


10/11-Apr (US, China dates vary due to time difference)

Format Title Speaker(s) Topic
P LBMS in decolonial educational actions in Brazil Lilian Freitas Vilela Education/Community
P A Kinesthetic Empathy Approach to 21st Century Ballet Training: Integrating LBMS and Research in the Cognitive Sciences Shannon Cuykendall Education/Social justice/Professional practice
P The application of LBMS for the major of Dance choreography in Chinese university LIU Dan History/Clinical application/Professional practice
K The Application of LBMS in China Tony Yu Zhou, Katee Yan Shen, Peng Xiaoxi, Liu Shaobo, Cheng Yun, Ma Chunliang, Guo Yuanyuan, Magulan Danmu Education/Community/Professional practice
P Finding space: internal-external, body-mind dialogues in dance practice Jayne McKee Professional practice
W Movement Strategies for String Players/Rhythm in Relationship Maya Felixbrot, Alex Welch, Leonie van Essen, Desiree van Drongelen Education/Performance/Professional practice
P Re-Imagining Laban: Dynamic Transformations in Contemporary Dance Practice Alison Curtis-Jones Education/Performance/Movement Dance Training/Creative Practice
P Space research of Standard Dance under the concept of “Space Harmony” LIU Shao bo Education/Performance/Professional practice
O Opening Curators
W Moving Our Selves Katharina Conradi & Joanna Brotman Professional practice
P Movement Pattern Analysis – An assessment in its own right. Getting to the core of things. Beverley Dunn Spirituality/Professional practice/Leadership


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11/12-Apr (US, China dates vary due to time difference)

P Bartenieff, Kestenberg, and Lamb:  A Triumvirate of Minds Carol-Lynne Moore History
P Letter to the field Camila Simonin Lima de Moura History/Performance/Social justice
P The Propagation Path of Laban’s Movement Theory in China (1940s-1980s) Peng Xiaoxi History/Theory/Social justice
W Introduction to Klein Technique™ Susan Klein Education
P Laban’s women’: the silent bodies of knowledge Juliet Chambers-Coe History/Social justice
W Embodied Fundamentals – exploring somatic approaches to Bartenieff Fundamentals through improvisation. Helen Kindred Education
P On Transversality: Ullmann, infrastructures, ethics Alexandra Baybut History/Theory
A Female Traces Helen Kindred & Sandra Sok Performance
P In her footsteps: Irmgard’s Walk through history Susan Lynn Wiesner History
W Inner/Outer: Perspectives based in Movement Experience and Observation Karen Studd & Cat Maguire Education
K Plural perspectives for LBMS in Brazil: educational experiences with babies, children and adults Adriana Vilchez Magrini Liza, Adriano José Pinheiro, Lilian Freitas Vilela Education


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12/13-Apr (US, China dates vary due to time difference)

W Embodied Witnessing – cultivating resonance and clarity  Tara Stepenberg Theory/Social justice/Professional practice
W Playfully Tuning into Consciousness through Breath, Sound, and Space Laura Victoria Ward Ecology/Wellbeing/Spirituality
P Somatic Interventions for the most common Obstacles of Mind.
Exploring the Body-Mind connection
Pauline Memelink Wellbeing/Professional practice/Personal development
P Exploring Rudolf Laban’s Effort and Space as planes of consciousness Juliet Chambers-Coe Theory/Performance/Spirituality
P Movement Dynamics: Pedagogical research into accessing the exploration of qualitative expression Alessandra Ruggeri, Melanie Clarke Education
P Examining the Position of Choreosophy in Laban Theory and its Contemporary Significance for Society  Lin Wang Theory/Community/Wellbeing
W Organicism and Fracture: Adhering to and rupturing dynamic affinities for creative practice and dynamic movement training Alison Curtis-Jones Education/Performance/Contemporary developments
W Your Movement Habits Create Your Life Mariah-Jane Thies Wellbeing
K Movement Pattern Analysis: Integrating First and Third Person Perspectives Carol-Lynne Moore, Laurie Cameron, Brenda Connors Professional practice


Authentic Movement Summit (April 20-23, 2023)

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Inspirees Education Group
Russia DMT Association, IACAET, CAET


20/21-Apr (US, China dates vary due to time difference)

Format Title Speaker(s) Topic
P Authentic Movement – An Entry Point to Symptom and Chronic Illness Elyn Selu Clinical application, Wellbeing, Professional practice
P Desire – An awakening into the deep body Brinda Sarah Jacob Community
P Closing my eyes to see you Sarka Bartuskova Education/Clinical application
P Effects of a Single Movement Intervention on Psychiatric Patients with Depression: Interoceptive Awareness as a Mediating Factor  Cheng Zengyan Clinical application
P MoverWitness interdisciplinarity Eila Goldhahn Theory/Ecology/Performance
W Ebb and Flow: continuity of experience through Art and Authentic Movement Rosa Maria Govoni & Mimma Della Cagnoletta Wellbeing/Professional practice
O Opening Curators
W Duet: Blending Internal Family Systems (IFS) with the Discipline of Authentic Movement (DAM) Susan E Cahill & Betina Waissman Theory/Clinical application/Spirituality
K Roundtable discussion with panel and delegates on questions arising from the international teachers of AM inquiry group Tina, Helen, Irina, Soraya, Marcia, Rosa Maria, Yael (moderator: Hilda) Reflexions on various themes made with an International Authentic Movement Teachers Discussion Group


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21/22-Apr (US, China dates vary due to time difference)

W The body knows: harvesting the essence of gesture integrating meditation and aspects of Authentic Movement Susan Bauer Wellbeing/Spirituality/Professional practice
W DreamDancing: Engaging the Opposites through Authentic Movement Tina Stromsted Clinical application
P Do not look at me Monika Ptasinska Clinical application/Professional practice
P Authentic Movement and Zen practice Ding Jie History/Theory/Professional practice
W Authentic Movement Inspirations and influences on the development of Physical Storytelling E. Connor Kelly Community/Wellbeing
W Expanding the edges of synchrony and attunement Terese Gjernes & Riki Bloom Theory/Clinical application/Social justice
K An Evolution of Embodied Consciousness: Celebrating Janet Adler’s New Book (In-person at Massachusetts, USA and LIVE-STREAMED FOR WAEF) Paula Sager & Bonnie Morrissey History/Community/Spitituality


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 22/23-Apr (US, China dates vary due to time difference)

W Invitation to Find A Bit of Witch Power in Your Body: A workshop for female identified persons Annie Blair Social justice
A collective journey in Authentic Movement
Collective of the AM Master 2019-2020 Performance/Spirituality/Professional practice
P Honoring the dancing female body, embodiment of soul and spirit ot the time  Antonella Monteleone Clinical application/Social justice/Spirituality
P Clarity of Verbalization: The importance of language in the practice of Authentic Movement Katee Yan Shen Professional practice
P The Knowing Body: direct experience, embodied ways of knowing, embodied language and development of embodied witness consciousness. Aleksandra Schuller Theory/Clinical application/Spirituality
W The discipline of authentic movement and the development of the ecological self  Helen Payne Ecology/Clinical practice/Community/ Wellbeing/Spirituality
P Overcoming Social Isolation Through Arts In Virtual Communities (Authentic Movement Solo Groups) Olga (Olesya) Bondareva Community/Wellbeing/Professional practice
K Seminar with Janet Adler Janet Adler Theory/Wellbeing/Spirituality


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