WAEF 2023 LBMS Summit

21 Aug

WAEF 2023 LBMS Summit

LBMS Summit is part of World Arts & Embodiment Forum 2023 brought to you by Inspirees and its partners.  The theme of WAEF 2023 is Stabilization, Innovation & Breakthrough – Cultivating Resilience through the Embodied Arts.

Whilst the Laban/Bartenieff Movement System justly bears the names of its originators, (Rudolf Laban, 1879-1958; Irmgard Bartenieff 1900-1981), as a framework for the practice and analysis of movement today it is a “creative synthesis that has been enriched considerably by concepts developed by Laban’s colleagues and students of human movement working within the Laban tradition” (Moore, 1988: 181).  

This summit aims to explore three key aspects of contemporary practice of LBMS over the 3-day event:  

  1. The contemporary landscape of processes and applications of LBMS and the opportunities and challenges it presents in various fields of application for the 21st Century 
  2. Irmgard Bartenieff’s work and legacy, and the ‘silent’ bodies of knowledge and overlooked contributors: the women and men who developed and ensured the legacy of ‘Laban’ studies  
  3. Integrating First and Third Person Views of Movement. Exploring movement objectively, subjectively, physically, metaphysically, spiritually, and approaches that comingle these perspectives.  Approaches to movement from the outside in and the inside out, ideas and practices that challenge the dichotomy of object and subject, experiential and analytic. 

Broadly speaking, the Laban/Bartenieff Movement System is an approach to the experiential and analytic aspects of movement. The foundations of it can be considered as comprising of basic parameters for movement study and analysis. They are Body, Effort, Space, Shape, and the term ‘Movement System’ acknowledges the synergistic nature of these ‘parts’ – they are never experienced or observed in isolation but form a web-like structure for comprehending movement phenomenon.  

Laban and Bartenieff’s work have been applied globally to many fields throughout the 20th and 21st Centuries, including in education, therapy/health, coaching/business consulting, creative arts, performer training and performance making. Laban’s framework for movement analysis has provided clear in-roads to understanding the nature of human movement through both an empirical tool and a philosophical approach with the LBMS.

However, in this summit we would like to explore key features of contemporary practice of the LBMS, including what is apparently absent and certainly under-acknowledged from the corpus of ‘Laban studies’ more generally. They are: the opportunities and challenges that LBMS poses for the 21st Century practitioner; Integrating the First and Third person perspectives of movement – synthesising object/subject, physical/spiritual; and the ‘invisible’, underacknowledged contributors who developed Laban’s theories and ensured the legacy of ‘Laban studies’ globally.  

We welcome proposals for contributions in the following formats (timing includes Q&A, actual time depending on the online/in-person format and final programs):

  • Presentations  ± 25 minutes
  • Workshops ± 75 minutes
  • Panel discussion ± 90 minutes
  • Performances ± 30 minutes


Submitted proposals (not yet completely peer reviewed for inclusion)

  • Inner/Outer: Perspectives based in Movement Experience and Observation (Workshop)
  • Embodied Fundamentals – Exploring Somatic Approaches to Bartenieff Fundamentals through Improvisation
  • Development of LBMS program in China – Challenges and Opportunities
  • In Her Footsteps: Irmgard‘s Walk Through History
  • Exploring Rudolf Laban’s Effort and Space as Planes of Consciousness
  • Exploring Rudolf Laban’s Flow Effort: New Parameters of Touch (Workshop)
  • FEMALE TRACES (Performance)
  • Bartenieff, Kestenberg, and Lamb: A Triumvirate of Minds
  • More to come


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Juliet Chambers-Coe, Carol-Lynne Moore, Helen Kindred, Alison Curtis-Jones, Katharina Conradi


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