16 May

Dance for PD®

Certification Program Dance for Parkinson’s DiseaseDfPD®

Art Education and health management

In collaboration with Mark Morris Dance Group

In 2017, Inspirees Institute in collaboration with the prestigious Mark Morris Dance Group (hereinafter referred to as MMDG), come to a cooperative agreement to facilitate the growth of Dance for Parkinson’s Disease program in China and empower people with Parkinson’s Disease to explore movement and music in ways that are stimulating and creative. For the rehabilitation and health management of Parkinson’s, Certification Program Dance for Parkinson’s Disease(DfPD®)is built to serve this purpose. Zhongshan Hospital (Shanghai) is the first practice base for DfPD® program in China, and now after three professional trainings led by David Levental and Erica Rose, the practice base in China have built up both in Zhongshan Hospital (Shanghai) and Peking Union Medical College Hospital (Beijing).

CERTIFICATION Mark Morris Dance Group(MMDG)
TITLE Dance for Parkinson’s Teacher
DURATION 127 hours
QULIFICATION Undergraduate
SUBJECT Dancer, Clinical care giver
APPLICATION Rehabilitation and health management of Parkinson’s
ENVIRONMENT Hospital, Community, Family
CURRENT DOMESTIC PARTNERS Zhongshan Hospital (Shanghai), Peking Union Medical College Hospital (Beijing),Yuquan Hospital(Beijing), Opera(Nanjing)

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