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06 Jan

Creative Movement



Inspirees Institute presents Creative Movement certified program(Garcia-Plevin Method) in partnership with The Italian Association of Creative Movement (ACM).

What is Creative Movement?

A discipline with the objective of discovering a deeper listening of the body and its potential for creative expression through improvisation.

A method for teaching Creative Movement (CM) to children, adults and senior citizens in a variety of contexts.

It offers a path for self development for individuals specifically seeking personal growth.

With creative movement, you can achieve:

• A greater consciousness of one’s body/mind self,

• A more authentic  and creative way of being, a greater sense of self-esteem,

• A better relationship with the world and with others, a major internal equilibrium and a way of managing daily stress.

Training format

• Modular format, part-time with total 328 hours of systematic training,

• 30 hours per course, 4 courses per year, completion within 2.5 years,

• Total 328 hours of systematic training including Creation and Transformation, The Body and its Connections, Didactic Seminars, Internship, Supervision and final Project,

Completion of all the modules leads to the Certified Creative Movement Professionals (CCMP) by Inspirees Institute and ACM.

To inquiry: Katee Shen 15911509565,

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