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Creative Arts in Education and Therapy – Rethinking Human Relations and Global Leadership in New Era

September 23, 2021 @ 18:30 - 20:00



Covid-19 pandemic, a global catastrophe in healthcare and mental health, brings a shock in human history and civilization. We have started to reflect from many different angles what Covid-19 means to us in the pandemic and post-Covid era.  In the core of these reflections is the relation we human beings build with ourselves, community and the nature, and how these relations will continue to shape the human development now and in the future.  We have been longing for the missing good global leadership during this challenging and chaotic period, as well as alternative ways to restore the humanity. Where and how we can find or bring this humanity back to our society? This is the question our arts education and therapy community, together with other fields, have been pondering but also need to answer.  We always associate humanity with art as the two share similar foundations and qualities. In this presentation, we will exam the issues and challenges we have in building harmonious relations in the current technology and economy dominated age, and discuss in the lens of natural sciences, humanity and arts how important we need to bring the arts more to the foreground and have it play an important leadership by revolutionizing the human relations with it.   2020年起在世界各地爆发的新冠疫情是人类健康领域的全球性灾难,给人类历史和文明带来了巨大的冲击。我们已经开始从许多不同的角度反思新冠在大流行和后疫情时代对我们意味着什么。这些反思的核心之一是我们人类与自己、社区和自然建立的关系,以及这些关系将如何继续影响现在和未来的人类可持续发展。在这个充满挑战和混乱的时期,我们一直渴望和呼唤缺失的全球领导力,以及复原人性的不同途径。我们在何处,又怎样才能找到并将这种人性带回我们的人类社会?这是我们艺术治疗界以及其他领域一直在思考并需要回答的问题。我们总是将人性与艺术联系在一起,因为两者有着相近的基础和品质。在本次演讲中,我们将探讨在当前科技和经济主导的时代我们在构建和谐关系方面面临的问题和挑战,并从自然科学和人文艺术的角度讨论我们需要通过将艺术更多地推向前台,并用创造性艺术教育与治疗的理念和途径去改革人际关系,从而发挥艺术在人类未来发展中重要的领导作用。 This presentation is one of speeches on the Arts Therapy Forum, International Education Summit in Beijing in 2021, organized and hosted by the Central Academy of Fine Arts, China. The presentation is given in Chinese with recording available afterwards.   About the Speaker Dr. Tony Yu Zhou holds a doctoral degree in biomedicine and has been working and living in China and Europe for many years.  He is the co-founder and Director of Inspirees Institute. Currently he is teaching and supervising the arts therapy master program in the Central Academy of Fine Arts, China. Though trained as a scientist, he has been greatly intrigued by modern dance and dance therapy since 2002 and has played an important role in driving the development of dance therapy and creative arts therapies in China.  Dr. Zhou serves on an international advisory board for the journal Body, Movement and Dance in Psychotherapy. In 2015, he co-founded Creative Arts Education and Therapy (CAET) – Eastern and Western Perspectives, the international open access journal. He is also a certified movement analyst (CMA) trained by LIMS in New York. Dr. Zhou is the team leader for the Chinese Group of Arts Therapy, Chinese Psychological Society, Guest Professor of Beijing Normal University, Co-founder and core member of World Alliance of Dance Movement Therapy (WADMT), founding member and CEO of the International Association of Creative Arts in Education and Therapy (IACAET).


September 23, 2021
18:30 - 20:00
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Central Academy of Fine Arts
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