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19 Jan

Online products of Brepols Publishers

For almost 20 years, Brepols Publishers has been developing high-value databases in the field of Humanities. Since 2001, these databases are available online as well as new resources on a platform called BREPOLiS. As a result, Brepols are proud to offer 20 databases on our website. At the moment, Brepols offers 5 bibliographic databases including more than 1.4 million records, 4 encyclopedias containing over 110,000 articles written by specialists, and 5 Latin full-text databases gathering together more than 5500 key texts (containing 114 million words) for the understanding of the Western civilization.

Brepols has more than 20 databases about the sources of Western civilization and foster better quality in scholarships, which can be accessed on The full catalog can be downloaded at

One of Brepols’ main fields of interest is Medieval Studies. Brepols have created an unparalleled medieval environment where they bring together key resources for the study of the Middle Ages with bibliographies on the one hand, and with encyclopaedias on the other. The other strength of Brepols lies in the study of Latin Language and Literature as we offer the world’s leading databases in this field. And last but not the least, is the one dedicated to Religious Studies and Church History.

Here, given below, are 3 proposed packages for China universities libraries:

  1. IMB + BCM + LexMA + IEMA – providing the resources of Medieval Studies IMB: International Medieval Bibliography

BCM: Bibliography de Civilisation Medievale LexMA: Lexikon des Mittelalters

IEMA: International Medieval Encyclopedia

  1. BBIH – providing the resources of British and Irish History BBIH: Bibliography of British and Irish History
  2. Rhe:bibliographie + Dictionnaire d’Histoire et de Geographie– providing the resources of Church Studies

Rhe:bibliographie: Bibliographie de la Revue Ecclesiastique + Dictionnaire d’Histoire et de Geographie Ecclesiatique(optional)

Most of these databases have become unequaled resources in their respective discipline. Not content with having developed such tools, Brepols are still working to further improve these databases and to make new tools available to the international community of scholars. That’s why they can say more than ever that Brepols are…

 Providing a Future for the Past!

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