WAEF 2023 Dance Therapy & Movement Therapy Summit

09 Aug

WAEF 2023 Dance Therapy & Movement Therapy Summit

Dance Therapy & Movement Therapy (DT/MT) Summit is part of World Arts & Embodiment Forum 2023 brought to you by Inspirees and its partners.  The theme of WAEF 2023 is Stabilization, Innovation & Breakthrough – Cultivating Resilience through the Embodied Arts.

Key conversations in the DT/MT Summit will focus upon the development of the field globally, the role that DT/MT and other arts-based embodied practices can play in the amelioration of trauma, and in the restoration of resilience in a world in the wake of the Covid epidemic, climate changes and increasing numbers of refugees displaced by famine, warfare, and ecological disasters.

The summit will begin on Day 1 with a focus on pioneers and pathfinders across the world in the development of the field in their countries, and will move chronologically, geographically and geopolitically. Participants will be offered opportunities to engage with pioneers in the field as well as peers and colleagues within their countries and across the world. Together we will create a developmental time-line and create an action plan towards the future.

Day 2 will focus on clinical, educational and community applications of dance/movement and other embodied uses of the arts around the world. Presenters and participants will be given opportunities to engage with others in learning and sharing their experiences and expertise in indigenous methodologies and practices, culturally responsive responses to social changes, including the effects and aftermath of climate changes warfare and conflicts, and the global pandemics. Breakout discussion groups will allow for peer engagement and participation in the development of personal and collective action steps towards gathering information and resources in areas of interest.

Day 3 will focus on trauma and resilience and will engage presenters and participants in key conversations about applications of Dance/Movement Therapy and other forms of arts-based embodied practices in the prevention and treatment of trauma and PTSD as well as provide strategies towards building resilience and preventing burnout and compassion fatigue. Participants will be offered opportunities to engage in breakout discussion groups and to develop and share strategies for self-care and replenishment moving forward, individually and collectively towards articulating the contribution we can make towards well-being in our spheres of action and influence.

We welcome proposals for contributions in the following formats (timing includes Q&A, actual time depending on the online/in-person format and final programs):

  • Presentations   ± 25 minutes
  • Workshops   ± 75 minutes
  • Panel discussion   ± 90 minutes
  • Performances   ± 30 minutes


Submitted proposals (not yet completely peer reviewed for inclusion)

  • A Key Conversation on the Dance Therapy around the World (Global panel, with 15+ speakers/panelists)
  • Dance Movement Therapy for Depression: the Evidence So Far and Future Directions (Panel)
  • The Neuroscience of Dance Therapy
  • Dance Rhythm Therapy between Tradition and Modernity
  • Circle of Learning in 12 Years: Dancing between Western Teachers and Chinese Students
  • Develop Dance Therapy Master Program in Chinese University
  • More to come



Vivien Marcow Speiser, Marcia Plevin, Susan Scarth, Joan Wittig, Tony Yu Zhou


How to get involved

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Registration for the participants/delegates open on Dec 12, 2022

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