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16 Jan

The language of movement in the development of the human being


This course will focus on how the body communicates and develops, with the premises that movement has an important function in the development of human being. We will relate to human physical and psychological development, focusing on the way movement patterns develop and mature inparallel through out life.

Participants will experience movement exercise and practice different movement qualities and shape relating to the development of the body characteristic movement of early years of age, childhood, adulthood, maturity and old age.

Judith Kestenberg studies on human movement development, based on Laban Movement Analisys, will be introduced, with the goal to enhance awareness of one’s own movement repertoire and how it can affect relationship with other, professionally and personally. Some introduction also to I. Bartenieff and P.J.Hackney work on “movement pattern connectivity “will be explored.

This approach to movement can provide a tool in observation competence and can be useful to students and professionals, offering a prospective on body movement that can be integrated into clinical and educational assesment system and treatment plans for clients.

Basic psychology knowledge:

Freud, Erikson, Klein, Malher, Bowlby, Winncott, Stern.



In this course, participants will be able to learn:

  • Basic theory of movement developmental psychology;
  • Basic theory of Laban Movement Analysis;
  • Kestenberg’s theory of  movement development;
  • Movement pattern connectivity theory;
  • Basic theory of Dance Therapy related to movement developmental psychology;
  • The credit of this course is included in the required initial sessions for Inspirees’s DMT trainning.



Rosa Maria Govoni (Italy)

Psychologist, Psychotherapist, BC-DMT , Teacher and Clinical Supervisor, Authentic Movement Trainer, Sensori motor Psychotherapist. Introductory level KMP.

  • Former Director DMT Training Program, now Co-Director Institute Expressive Psychotherapy integrating DMT at Art Therapy Italiana. Vice President of ATI Association. Worked as Dance Movement Psychotherapist in different public and private Institutions, now in private practice. Co-Founder of the Italian National Association of DMT APID in 1997.
  • Teaching experiences: past In Vienna, Austriain Germany, till now in Russia, Switzerland, since 2015 in Turkey Bilgi University, in China for Inspirees. Rosa Maria became a member of the faculty of Inspirees DMT and CM programs in China.
  • She has been published many articles related to Dance Movement Psychotherapy, Education and Supervision in Italian, English and Russian.




Time:March 14-17 (Thursday- Sunday), 2019. 10 A.M.-5:30 P.M. including lunch break

Place: Beijing, to be announced

Fee:  Standard-RMB 6,000/4 Days/Person.

Early-Bird(Due Feb 12): 5,200/4 Days/Person.

3-person group/Students in Inspirees Institute-RMB 4,800/4 Days/Person.

*All participants will be offered a free webinar on Pesso(DemoVideo)

Contact Info:


Telephone: Ms Katee SHEN: (86) 15911509565 / Ms Penny PENG: (86)13436367045

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