Active Publisher Representation in China (APR)

APR is under the roof of European Chinese Publisher Promotion Center (ECPPC), a platform established in 2006 by Inspirees serving foreign academic publishers in China. APR especially emphasizes on below-the-line activities in the local market such as personal selling, one-to-one promotion and event marketing. Building a close relationship is considered paramount for the Chinese and experience tells us only with strong local presence can you really develop and guard your business in China. Based in the capital city Beijing, our Chinese team with hands-on experience as your APR is your key to effective entry into the Chinese book market and sustained business success. Our support comprises:

  • Strategy consulting on your business development in China with a tailor-made marketing and sales plan;
  • Multi-channel active marketing activities targeting all active importers, distributors, and library customers;
  • Year-round roadshows with importers to exhibit and promote your books in top universities and institutes;
  • Regular customer visits and product training for customers to ensure your products are well understood;
  • Presenting publishers at book fairs e.g. Beijing International Book Fair and Library Acquisition Fair, etc;
  • Distribution, order fulfillment and payment settlement with Chinese customers;
  • Credit control assistance: advice on credit and payment terms, and collections;
  • Sales monitoring and taking immediate action in case of a decline in sales;
  • Reporting and providing feedback on a regular basis and on request.



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Academic Conference Service (ACS) 

ACS is a complimentary service to APR to further boost the business of our client publishers in Chinese academic market. By covering a wide range of disciplines and organizing conferences in different regions and cities in China, we will reach tens of thousands of professors and scholars in the country with the best products and publishing proposals from our publishers, making the direct marketing highly effective. 



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"The development of Olms-Weidmann in China is growing steadily and we are confident to reach most libraries working with the institutes for European humanities by implementing the approval plans through INSPIREES, a company which is well-organized and whose contacts to the libraries are excellent". 
Dietrich Olms, Publisher, Olms-Weidmann Verlag (Hildesheim, Germany)

"Since 2006, we have taken advantage of INSPIREES to promote and sell our book program in China. Within two years, we saw our book sales double in this market for which we are very grateful". 
Popke Huizinga, Deputy Director, IOS Press (Amsterdam, The Netherlands)

"I have looked seriously at the China academic publishing market on three separate occasions – as CEO of Emerald Publishing in the mid 2000s; as CEO and owner of Greenleaf Publishing 2012 – 17, and most recently as an adviser to Cambridge Scholars Publishing. It’s a market where there are clear opportunities for academic publishers, but where there are pitfalls too, which is why it’s very important to have an experienced - and above all, trustworthy - partner. I have been very impressed with the representation work done by Dr. Tony Zhou and his team at Inspirees, and would certainly recommend them".

  John Peters, Managing Director, Wainstalls Partnership (Bradford, UK)