CAET Issue 6.1 is Online

Author: Inspirees Corporate

The CAET journal is published by Inspirees Education Group. This issue of the journal focuses on the Coronavirus Pandemic and its wide-ranging socio-psychological effects on the world’s population since its first recorded outbreak in China in late 2019. The articles that follow provide us with a cross-cultural reflection on this pandemic from both Chinese and global perspectives.

Authors from China as well as other countries explore this issue from the viewpoints of several diverse fields, including: biomedicine, traditional Chinese medicine, education and psychotherapy. These articles were written during various stages of the pandemic - some towards the early stages, others much more recently - but all relate to COVID-19 and the Arts. The virus is defined and discussed both literally and symbolically in order to address the challenges human beings are facing in relation to great technological advancements and rapid economic development. This alarming public health crisis prompts us to build a respectful and harmonious relationship with nature through humanistic approaches which can serve as guidelines for sustainable human development in the future. Vivid and inspiring artwork is presented in some of these articles, highlighting the invaluable contribution the Arts has made during this crisis.

During this difficult time, we see that a virus can act as a biological and psychological agent that is able to both separate and unite us. We also notice that the original concept of ‘social distancing’ does not seem to be valid anymore; instead, we are looking for ‘physical distancing and social solidarity’ while being confined. However, we, as human beings, cannot survive without physical connection and intimacy – a trait, which distinguishes us from the digital entities penetrating and dominating our lives. Thus, the COVID-19 pandemic reminds us of our uniqueness as well as of our vulnerability. It also highlights the essential role that the natural environment plays as the ultimate resource for creativity, vitality and belonging. Furthermore, the pandemic calls for a fundamental transformation of human society as we go beyond our own guarded territories towards a global collaborative community. As a part of this mission, the Arts will play a vital role in the effort to integrate body, spirit and mind, and it will help facilitate constructive dialogue between East and West, North and South.