These are some of the members among the more than 30 member publishers of ECPPC. Most of them are small and media-sized academic or professional publishers specializing in different field of STM, social science and humanities.  Among them are the university related publishers, such as Cambridge Scholars Press, which is powered by the experts and scholars of the Cambridge University, the world-famous Leuven University Press, international official organizations such as the World Health Organization Press, century-old academic publishers such Olms, Brepols, Peeters, law publishers such as Intersentia, Eleven, and professional information publishers such as Hanser and SAP. Their portfolios are complementary and synergetic. We hope to build a platform to promote information communication and mutual cooperation among Chinese and European publishers and booksellers. We are committed to helping the small and medium-sized independent publishing houses in China and Europe to develop with lower risks and inputs in the overseas markets in order to achieve a better balance between large publishing groups and small and medium-sized publishers. Also, under the current English prevalence backgrounds, we dedicate ourselves to other “small language” cultures for cultural and language diversity. Due to the high quality of academic standards, many of our book series are collected by the National Library of China, Fudan University, Wuhan University, and Zhongshan University, etc.

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