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14 Apr

[Workshop] Moving Dance Movement Therapy Outdoors: Nature-based Interventions for Wellbeing 

Moving Dance Movement Therapy Outdoors: Nature-based Interventions for Wellbeing

May 13 (Saturday), Zoom

Geoffery Unkovich

About workshop

Recent times have demonstrated that many people’s mental health and physiological well-being deteriorate with a lack of time in a nature-based environment.  Responding to mental health and physiological well-being as a consequence of Covid, it is vital to consider how we develop outdoor practices for dance movement therapy and other mental health support services. This includes urban and rural locations.

This short course explores personal and professional rationales for an outdoor practice, the ethics, referral process, boundaries, contracts, movement processes, environmental considerations, containment and supervision needed for moving DMT outdoors.

Participants will be asked to consider their own relationships to nature, eco-somatic processes, climate anxiety, movement practices, and environmental circumstances. Participants will be invited to explore simple movement expressions, the use of embodied metaphors and brief creative writing tasks.

This development of knowledge, understanding, and potential skills for an outdoor practice, are suitable for DMT and other mental health support work where body awareness is part of the person’s care package.

This course will focus on how the body communicates and develops, with the premises that movement has an important function in the development of human being. We will relate to human physical and psychological development, focusing on the way movement patterns develop and mature in parallel throughout life.

Participants will experience movement exercise and practice different movement qualities and shape relating to the development of the body characteristic movement of early years of age, childhood, adulthood, maturity and old age.



Geoffery Unkovich (UK)

Geoffery is an integrative dance movement psychotherapist and has 18yrs experience in a range of settings. He is a registered private practitioner and clinical supervisor. Geoffery has 16yrs experience as a senior lecturer in DMP at the University of Roehampton, plus teaching at Goldsmiths college, and in Croatia, Romania and Kyiv. He has been member of the executive council, the education and training committee, and the professional development committee for ADMP UK.  He has published papers in Body, Movement and Dance in Psychotherapy journal, and is co-editor of the book Dance Movement Psychotherapy with People with Learning Disabilities. Read more about Geoffery.

Apply for this workshop

  • Time: May 13 (Saturday), 10am – 1pm (CET), 9am – 12pm (GMT), 3 hours including 15 min break
  • Place: Zoom
  • Fee: 120 euro; 90 euro (early bird before May 1), 100 euro (registered IACAET member)
  • Send email to to register

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