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26 Dec

LBMS workshop series (2): Breath Bone and Body – Formlessness to Form

LBMS (Laban Bartenieff Movement System) workshop series (2) 

Breath Bone and Body – Formlessness to Form

Date: Jan 8-9, 2022

Instructor: Cheryl Clark, CMA, RSMT/E, R-DMT, BMC®

Breath is both a physiological process and the origins of our expression from our first cry as our bodies are released from its original watery home. This weekend workshop will look at the intimate nature of our relationship to Breath Support, its role in both our anatomical function and personal expression.

Breath will be explored in its capacity to change our shape, but we will also to view breath from the Inner/Outer theme ad the interrelationship between breath as enlivening our skeletal container and how freeing the skeletal container supports the breath.  Class will explore through repository anatomy and how information from this helps to enliven our principle skeletal structure, the Axial Skeleton.

We will engage our breath to support both our Stability and increase Mobility with emphasis moving from our central support with emphasis placed on how we can liberate this structure so we can benefit from the full three-dimensional range available to us.

From Inner to Outer, a full range of movement will be explored utilizing sequences from Bartenieff Fundamentals and Laban’s Space Harmony work.

This workshop is given in English with live Chinese translation.

For inquiry and registration, please send email to Limited spaces available.


About the instructor

Cheryl Clark, Certified Movement Analyst (CMA), Body-Mind Centering Practitioner, BMC®, Registered Somatic Movement Therapist/Educator, RSMT/E, is a senior teacher and former director of education at the Laban/Bartenieff Institute of Movement Studies. She currently teaches at College for the Performing Arts at The New School University and Wagner College. She has performed with various New York artists and nationally; she choreographed and taught across many performance modalities dance, theater and opera. Her choreography for Romeo and Juliet was cited in the New York Times as “joyous.” She has taught at numerous institutions either as staff or guest artist. A partial list includes: Marymount Manhattan College, Barnard College, Drew University, Hebrew Union University, Mannes School of Music, The Atlantic Theater Company, American Academy of Dramatic Arts, Wagner College and School for Film and Television International teaching/presenting includes: Theaterzwang Festival in Dortmund, Germany. Shanghai, China; she currently teaches the Laban work in Taiwan for the Taiwan Dance Research Society. She completed the Dance Movement Therapy program at Pratt Institute in May 2019 and is finishing her thesis, Moving Space/Moving Mind which explores the relationship between dance movement and plasticity of the mind for persons with dementia.


About LBMS (Laban Bartenieff Movement System) workshop series

This series is a continuing educational program to support the professional development of our international LBMS and somatic community. The targeted group is the professionals with experiences in LBMS and related fields. The workshops are combination of theory broadening and deepening with hands-on experientials facilitated by the experienced senior instructors in the field. All workshops are given online with about 7 hours in 2-3 sessions.  Recordings are available for those who can’t join in live session. The LBMS series will cover different part of LBMS including Body, Effort, Space, Shape.

  1. Part one – SPACE. Laban/Bartenieff Movement System: The Wholeness of Duality as seen and experienced through Space Harmony. Sept 14-16, 2021. Karen Studd, Cat Maguire.

  2. Part two – BODY. Breath Bone and Body – Formlessness to Form. Jan 8-9, 2022. Cheryl Clark.

  3. Part three – SHAPE. The Shape of Culture. March/April, 2022. Brenton Cheng.

  4. Part four – EFFORT. A Continuum of Weight Effort

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