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  1. Dance develops flexibility and instills confidence.
  2. Dance is first and foremost a stimulating mental activity that connects mind to body.
  3. Dance breaks isolation.
  4. Dance invokes imagery in the service of graceful movement.
  5. Dance focuses attention on eyes, ears, and touch as tools to assist in movement and balance.
  6. Dance increases awareness of where all parts of the body are in space.
  7. Dance tells stories. 
  8. Dance sparks creativity.
  9. The basis of dance is rhythm.
  10. The essence of dance is joy.

Since 2001, the Dance for PD® program has offered specialized dance classes that empower people with Parkinson's disease to explore movement and music in ways that are stimulating and creative. Based in Brooklyn, NY, the program strives to cultivate relationships among arts, community, and PD support organizations, and aspires to replicate this acclaimed model in cities around the world. 

The Dance for PD® teaching approach is built on the idea that professionally-trained dancers are movement experts whose knowledge is useful to persons with PD. Dancers know about stretching and strengthening muscles, about balance and rhythm, and they know how powerfully dance concentrates the mind, body, and emotion on movement.  

Dance for PD® classes fosters a safe and creative environment for participants and their friends, family, and caregivers. Through an engaging approach, students learn to enhance their aesthetic awareness and grace, while addressing such PD-specific concerns as balance, flexibility, coordination, gait, and depression. Teaching artists introduce movement from modern dance, musical theater, ballet, folk dance, tap, improvisation, and choreography.

An affiliated network of programs offers ongoing classes in more than 100 communities around the world, and new programs are always in development. A reciprocal relationship also allows participants to drop in to local classes, when visiting most of the Dance for PD® cities.  

Weekly flagship classes at the Mark Morris Dance Center in Brooklyn are offered, free of charge, and always feature live musical accompaniment. We also offer ongoing classes in Manhattan, Queens, and The Bronx.




DfPD®–China program Training and Career Development Plan

Training Direction:Dance for PD®(Art Education and health management)

Training AimsTraining professional certified Dance for PD® teacher / assistant with Dance for Parkinson's theory and practical skills

Eligibility Overview22 years old,who is interested in working in Art education and health area,Dance / Art / Medicine / Psychology / Pedagogy / Sociology and other related professional subjects , or Inspirees CM, DMT students.


Level 1(Trainee Level)

* Online course (Module1~4, w/o assessment, fee 95$/85$)

* In-person Introductory Workshop (fee 100$~300$; 18 hours(3days))

* Field work (hours: 8~10)

Entitle to:

*Using DfPD® theory and skills in PD or Senior group


Level 2(EPE level)

* Online course (Module1~4, with assessment)

*Advanced training workshop(20 hours)

*Field work/Assisting in actual PD class (20 hours)

*Qualification through the Dance for PD® Registered Teaching Assistant(RTA)(fee


Entitle to:

*Assisting DfPD® class as RTA

*Using DfPD® theory and skills in PD or Senior group


Level 3(DT level)

* Online course (Module 5~8, with assessment)

*Additional Advanced training workshop or online equivalent(15h)

*Teaching/Mentorship in PD class at least 35 hours

*Dance Teacher Certification (fee:1500$)

Entitle to

*Leading DfPD® class as certificated Dance for PD® teacher


Mark Morris Dance Group teaching artists lead Dance for PD® master classes around the world in conjunction with MMDG performances. 

Pilot classes to introduce Dance for PD® are available to communities interested in establishing an ongoing program.

Our At Home DVD series, featuring dance exercises designed to be learned and enjoyed in the comfort of your living room, is available for purchase on our website.

To find a class near you, inquire about starting a class in your community, join as a member, or support our work, please visit our website or call +86 10 8446.7947