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Inspirees Institute offers the dance therapy certificate program which is in compliance with the American Dance Therapy Association (ADTA) alternate route training guideline.  This is the only training program of its kind in China or Asia at this moment (See ADTA website). After completion of the 3-year systematic training, our students will reach the postgraduate level in US and are eligible to apply for R-DMT credential from ADTA.  Our part-time courses take place periodically in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Hong Kong and the participating students are from within and out of China.  All our courses are instructed in English by experts from abroad.

Program Overview:

  • Length: 3.5 years
  • Targeted group: applicants with master degree in psychology, art, education, management and other related field
  • Age requirement: above 24 years
  • Working experience: at least 2 years
  • Program contents: 6 parts according to the ADTA Alternate Route guideline:
    • Dance therapy: Theory and Practice
    • General training
    • Advanced psychology
    • Field work
    • Internship
    • Dance training
    • Credential: qualified graduate can apply for ADTA R-DMT credential


Video link: Inspirees dance therapy program in China (presented at ADTA Annual Conference, San Diego, 2015)


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2019 Curriculum

Certified by the American Dance Therapy Association (ADTA)

Foundation Course

Course Location Date Instructor
The language of movement in the development of the human being Beijing 2019.3.14-17 Rosa Maria
Arts-body-mind Personal Growth Masterclass Shanghai suburb 2019.4.11-15 Marcia
 Creative Movement Workshop Beijing 2019.6.7-9

Maria Elena

 Creative Movement Workshop Beijing/Shanghai 2019.11.22-24

Maria Elena

ADTA Certified Core Course

B4: Improvisation Beijing 2019.4.4-7


B2: Developing Awareness of One's Own Experience Beijing 2019.5.16-19


B7: Movement Observation 1 Beijing 2019.6.27-30


B3: DMT with Children - Early Influences & Development Beijing 2019.7.21-28


B1: Introduction to DMT – Theory and Practice of Marian Chace Beijing 2019.7.21-28 Thania
A2: Transference and Resistance Beijing 2019.11 or 12 TBA

Advanced Course

DMT on Trauma Shanghai 2019.5.9-12 Barbara 
Family Therapy Shanghai 2019.5.23-26


Thematic Workshop Beijing 2019.5.30-6.1


DMT&LMA Workshop Shanghai 2019.7.4-7 Ted 

Practice and Supervision

Group supervision Shanghai 2019.3.2-3 Amanda Yang
Group supervision Shanghai 2019.6.22-23 Amanda Yang
Workshop: dance/movement therapy with adults and children – practice and supervision Beijing 2019.10.4-7 Joan/Christina

Online Course

Introduction to Ethics and Multicultural Competence for Dance/Movement Therapists Global 2019 Online with subtitle Joan and other international experts

▲Note:* Marked event to be announced