Inspirees Insititute 2020 Curriculum

Author: Inspirees Corporate

 Inspirees Insititute announced its 2020 Curriculum. Please refer to the schedule of Dance/Movement Therapy (DMT)Creative Movement (CM, Garcia-Plevin Method)Laban-Bartenieff Movement Studies (LBMS)Dance for Parkinson's Disease (DfPD) program below, or click at each program for separate schedule in 2020.

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Month Program Date Course Location Instructor
Feb CAET Webinar 2020.2.23 CAET 21 Physical Conversations between East and West Online Steve Harvey
Mar CAET Webinar 2020.3.6 Dramatherapy Core Process and the Nature of Change Online Phil Jones
  CM 2020.3.12-15 CM Seminar 3 Beijing Marcia Plevin
  DMT 2020.3.12-17 DMT A4 Beijing  Joan Wittig
  CAET Webinar 2020.3.25 Dance for Parkinson Online

David Leventhal



2020.4.6-7 Feeling-Seen Tonglu Michael Bachg


2020.4.9-12 DMT/Pesso workshop Tonglu Michael Bachg/Zvika Frank

CAET Webinar

2020.4.15 Laban Movement Analysis and Neuroscience Online Karen Bradley
May CAET Webinar 2020.5.6

Dance Therapy in Chinese Culture

Online Joan Wittig
  DMT 2020.5.15-17 DMT Violence Prevention Workshop Beijing Rena Kornblum
  DMT 2020.5.21-24 B5 Beijing Rena Kornblum

CAET Webinar

2020.5.27 CAET 26 Online Robert Landy
Jun Art Therapy 2020.5.30-6.1 Self-Care for Care-Givers Nanjing

Val Huet

  Art Therapy 2020.6.3 Art therapy supervision Shanghai  Val Huet
  Art Therapy 2020.6.5-7 Team building Tonglu

Val Huet

  DMT 2020.6.5-7 LMA/Kinesiology Xi'An Barbara Nordstrom-Loeb
  DMT 2020.6.11-14 DMT and Trauma Taiyuan Barbara Nordstrom-Loeb

CAET Webinar

2020.7.8 Dance Movement Psychotherapy in South America Online Diana Fischman
  CM 2020.7.3-7 CM Seminar 4




CM with Blind People Beijing Fabrizia


DMT workshop Beijing TBC


2020.7.23-26 DMT B8 Beijing TBC

CAET Webinar

2020.7.31 Working as male therapist in DMT Online Vincenzo Puxeddu
Aug LBMS 2020.8.9-16 LBMS 2B Tonglu Karen, Cat
  LBMS 2020.8.19-26 LBMS 1A Tonglu Karen, Cat

CAET Webinar

2020.8.19 Dance & Drama Composition in China Online Tian Tian
  DMT/Play therapy TBD Children & Parents Summer Camp Tonglu  Steve Harvey

Play Therapy

2020.9.3-6 Play Therapy TBD Claudio Mochi
  CAET Webinar 2020.9.9 Arts therapy in Russia Online Irina Biryukova
  CM 2020.9.11-14 Seminar 5 Beijing Rosa Maria
  DMT 2020.9.17-20 DMT A1 Beijing Rosa Maria

CAET Webinar

2020.9.30 CAET 32 Online Jane Edwards
Oct DMT TBD DMT with Children Taiyuan Cara Gallo-Jermyn
  DMT TBD DMT with Teenagers Xi'An Cara Gallo-Jermyn
Nov CAET Webinar 2020.11.11 Symmetry movie - when art meets science Online Ruben van leer
  CAET Webinar 2020.11.2 Art education in Chinese universities Online Chen Ting/Wan Ying
  Creative Movement 2020.11.3-6 CM Seminar 6 Beijing Marcia
Dec DMT 2020.12.10-13 A2: Transference and Resistance Beijing Marcia
  Art Therapy TBC Art Therapy/Mindfulness TBD Debra Kalmanowitz
  Art Therapy TBC Trauma TBD Debra Kalmanowitz
  CAET Webinar 2020.12.23 Art process to connect learning and social inclusion Online Teresa Torres de eca
Jan 2021 CAET Webinar 2021.1.6 CAET 37 Online Panel