Inspirees Insititute 2019 Curriculum

Author: Inspirees Corporate

 Inspirees Insititute announced its 2019 Curriculum. Please refer to the schedule of Dance/Movement Therapy (DMT)Creative Movement (CM, Garcia-Plevin Method)Laban-Bartenieff Movement Studies (LBMS)Dance for Parkinson's Disease (DfPD) program below, or click at each program for separate schedule in 2019.

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Month Program Date Course Location Instructor
Dec 2018 DMT 2018.12.19 Introduction to Ethics and Multicultural Competence for Dance/Movement Therapists 2 Online

Joan Wittig

  CAET Webinar Starting 2018.12.21, 37 seminars in total Attunement in Expressive Arts Therapy: Towards an Understanding of Embodied Empathy Online Mitchell Kossak
Jan 2019 CAET Webinar 2019.1.9

The History of Dance Therapy in US

Online Elissa White
  PESSO 2019.1.14* PBSP Introduction Course  Beijing/Shanghai Michael Bachg
  DMT 2019.1.17 Introduction to Ethics and Multicultural Competence for Dance/Movement Therapists 3 Online International experts
  DMT 2019.1.25 Introduction to Ethics and Multicultural Competence for Dance/Movement Therapists 4 Online Joan Wittig
  CAET Webinar 2019.1.30 Music Therapy in Global Perspectives Online
Annie Heiderscheit
Feb LBMS 2019.2.11-17 Module 4-a Shanghai Karen, Cat
  LBMS 2019.2.20-27 Module 1-b Changsha Karen, Cat
  CAET Webinar 2019.2.20 Out of our Mind: Art Therapy and mindfulness, resilience, adversity and refugees Online Debra Kalmanowitz
Mar CAET Webinar 2019.3.13 Evidence-based research in dance therapy Online Iris Bräeuninger
  DMT 2019.3.14-17 The language of movement in the development of the human being Beijing Rosa Maria
  CM 2019.3.19* Lecture+Workshop: CM Application on Children Shijiazhuang Rosa Maria
  CM 2019.3.21-24 Seminar 7 Shanghai Rosa Maria
  DfE 2019.3.21-24 Seminar 1 Beijing/Shanghai Andrew Greenwood
  DfPD 2019.3.26-27 Supervision Beijing/Shanghai Andrew Greenwood
Apr CAET Webinar 2019.4.3 Art and Brain - A neuroscientist’s perspective Online Dick Swaab
  DfPD 2019.4.6* Demonstration Shanghai DfPD trainer
  DMT 2019.4.4-7 B4: Improvisation Beijing Marcia
  DMT 2019.4.11-15 Arts-body-mind Personal Growth Masterclass TBA Marcia
  CAET Webinar 2019.4.24 Dance for the health - A EU social-economic module for health management Online Andrew  Greenwood
May DMT 2019.5.9-12 DMT on Trauma Shanghai Barbara
  CAET Webinar 2019.5.15 Application of Music therapy in China Online Chen Xijing
  DMT 2019.5.16-19 B2: Developing Awareness of One's Own Experience Beijing Barbara
  DMT 2019.5.23-26 Family Therapy Shanghai Rena
  DMT 2019.5.30-6.2 Thematic Workshop Beijing Rena
Jun CAET Webinar 2019.6.5 The History and development of Drama therapy in the UK from a Drama Education perspective Online Clive Holmwood
  CM 2019.6.7-9 Pre-course/Thematic Workshop Beijing Maria Elena
  CM 2019.6.13-16 Seminar 8 Shanghai Maria Elena
  CAET Webinar 2019.6.26 Outsider arts in China and Europe Online Guo Haiping/ Hans Looijen
  DMT 2019.6.28-30 B7: Movement Observation 1 Beijing Ted
Jul DMT/ LBMS 2019.7.4-7 DMT&LMA Workshop Shanghai Ted
  CAET Webinar 2019.7.17 Body Mind Approach for medically unexplained symptoms Online Helen Payne
  DMT 2019.7.21-28 B3: DMT with Children - Early Influences & Development Beijing Steve
  DMT 2019.7.21-28 B1: Introduction to DMT – Theory and Practice of Marian Chace Beijing Thania
Aug LBMS 2019.8.5-11 Module 4-b Shanghai Karen, Cat
  CAET Webinar 2019.8.7 Multi modal dance therapy Online Fran Levy
  LBMS 2019.8.14-21 Module 2-a Changsha Karen, Cat
  CAET Webinar 2019.8.28 Neuro-Dramatic-Play: The Joyous Development Online Sue Jennings
Sep DfPD 2019.9.1-3* Training Chengdu Erica
  CAET Webinar 2019.9.18 Integrated Poetry therapy: the experiences of US and the tradition of China Online Peng Yongwen
  CM 2019.9.25-29 Seminar 9 Shanghai Marcia
  DfPD 2019.9.26-29 Workshop Beijing David Leventhal
Oct CAET World Forum 2019.10.1-3 Conference(Keynote Speeches, Workshops) Beijing Joan, Christina, Marcia, Karen, Cat, David etc.
  DfPD 2019.10.3 Demonstration+ Supervision Beijing David Leventhal
  LBMS 2019.10.4-7 Workshop: Laban and somatic experiential Beijing Karen Studd
  DMT 2019.10.4-7 Workshop: dance/movement therapy with adults and children – practice and supervision Beijing Joan Wittig, Christina Deveraux
  CAET World Forum 2019.10.4-7 Workshop: Stepping Between Movement and Portrayal- Combining Drama and Dance Therapy Beijing Stephen Breithaupt, Ma Liwen
  CAET Webinar 2019.10.9 Music therapy development in South Korea Online Min-Jeong Bae
  CAET Webinar 2019.10.30 Narradrama: Optimizing Action Methods and Creative Arts Online Pam Dunne
Nov DMT 2019.11* Workshop/Supervision Online Amanda
  DfPD 2019.11.11-12 Supervision Beijing/Shanghai Andrew Greenwood
  DfE 2019.11.14-17 Module 2 Beijing/Shanghai Andrew Greenwood
  CAET Webinar 2019.11.20 Birth Shock: Using the arts to Explore the Transition to Motherhood and Exploring Iatrogenic Illness Online Susan Hogan
  CM 2019.11.22-24 Pre-course Beijing/Shanghai Maria Elena
  CM 2019.11.28-12.1 Seminar 1 Beijing/Shanghai Maria Elena
Dec DMT 2019.12.5-8 A2: Transference and Resistance Beijing TBA
  CAET Webinar 2019.12.11 Dance Movement Therapy and Music Therapy: a marriage of empathy in the special school setting Online Sarah Owen
  DMT 2019.12.12-15 Thematic workshop Beijing/Shanghai TBA
Jan 2020 CAET Webinar 2020.1.3 Drama education and therapy in Taiwan Online Chang Hsiao-hua
  CAET Webinar 2020.1.22 The Creative Arts Therapies in New Zealand and Australia Online Amanda Levey