DMT II Class Graduated

Author: Inspirees Corporate

Inspirees Dance Movement Therapy Program - Shanghai II Class finished their last course with Marcia in Nov 15-18, completed their 3-year training. Some students have formally completed more than 400 hours of systematic training for 13 core courses of ADTA certification. Upon graduation, they are about to embark on or have started 200 hours of field work and 700 hours of clinical practice, making further progress in becoming a dance therapist.

Although Joan Wittig, director of the dance therapy training program and President Tony Zhou of Inspirees Institute were not present, they had prepared videos for our graduates in advance to celebrate the students of the DMT II Class. Simba, one of the students, also specially prepared a commemorative album for everyone, looking back on three years of learning and dancing together, also touched everyone's heart. President Tony Zhou and Inspirees Institute he founded have cultivated a large number of high-level dance therapy professionals for China since 2006, and actively promoted the development of dance therapy in China together with colleagues in this field.

Here is the graduation speech from Tony and Joan.