Asian LBMS network established

Author: Inspirees Corporate

After the development of Laban movement studies in the West for decades, expansion to Asia is taking place. In the past ten years, there are an increased number of Asian students going to the West for the certification training in LBMS, most of them are from South Korea.  In the future, more interest from Asia is expected.  As a result, LIMS started a new Certification Program in China in 2016 bringing the training closer to the Chinese and other Asian students. At this moment, there are over 40 CMAs in Asia and we expect the number will grow to 60 over the two years.  How Asia embraces and develops the Laban work in its own culture presents both challenge and opportunities.

In September 2018, three Asian CMAs: Nayung Kim (South Korea), Vincent Yong (Singapore), Tony Yu Zhou (China) have presented Laban in Asia – Asian Perspectives in the well attended Laban webinar series – History, Applications and Frontiers. After the presentation, three of us thought it would be worthwhile to move forward by facilitating the establishment of Asian LBMS network and eventually develop into Asian LBMS Association, the counterpart of European Association for Laban Bartenieff Movement Studies, in order to expand and support the development of Laban work in Asia.  We would like to invite you as CMA or CLMA, GLCMA and others certified in LBMS to be part of this undertaking and the founding members of the network/association.

Please let us know if you like to be involved so we can include you in our mailing list by confirming with your regional contacts below. You can also join our Facebook group at

Regional contacts


We also welcome your initiatives to take the regional contact role to lead/develop the local LBMS activities.

We look forward to hearing from you.

Warmly yours,


Nayung Kim, PhD, CMA, BC-DMT (South Korea)

Vincent Yong, CMA, RSME&T (Singapore)

Tony Yu Zhou, PhD, CMA (China)

Sept 26, 2018


DOWNLOAD the syllbus for Laban 15: Laban in Asia- Asian Perspectives