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Workshop: Fear as a Source of Creativity

October 22 - October 25

Creativity is a phenomenon that emerges out of a mysterious connection between body, mind, and reality.

The creative flow is usually described by successful artists as the body taking the lead, delivering without the interference of the mind, connected to something beyond itself, unaware of space and time, somewhat uncontrolled and propelled by a strong thrust of energy. To engage this creative flow, a deep connection and control over our physical, emotional, and energetic body seems essential — as well as being able to ride this somatic intensity!

Creation encompasses the exposition of our deeper self, our ideas, feelings, history and self, using our voice, our body, our instrument. It is a very intimate and powerful act — for that, it is also scary.

Creation and creativity are essential experiences for anyone who wishes to attain a high level of self-understanding, development, and fulfillment in their life. When done with full awareness, acknowledging and allowing the fear and intensity they naturally encompass, creative expression lifts us beyond our personal limits, connecting us to our environment and bringing back in return greater self-confidence, a sense of meaning and worthiness.

In this course, we will explore the close and highly intertwined relationship between our physical body, our emotions, our thoughts and ideas. We will also learn how to enhance this connection by relaxing our body, allowing the free flow of emotions (also those we dislike), and expanding our attention and perception. This will lead us to achieve a highly embodied state of creation and self-confidence.

But before throwing ourselves into the rewarding act of creative creation, we will need to understand that everything that is truly new, ingenious, bold, and creative stands —by definition— beyond our daily world… in the field of the unknown. And to enter this field we must first acknowledge and allow the free flow of fear in the body.



This course is an introduction to The Conscious Body Training, a program that explores the somatic body in its relation to self, expression, and creativity. It is addressed to everyone interested in engaging a more creative life, whether that may be in an artistic field such as acting, singing, dancing, or playing an instrument, or in any other professional or personal context, such as thinking, planning, cooking, or living a less routine life.

Over three days, we will dive deep into our body experience to understand how relevant a relaxed, present and conscious body is to get unrestricted access to the full extent of our ideas, insights, emotions… the truth within ourselves: the raw and precious materials of our creations.

  1. We will discover how tensions in different parts of our body are actually connected through something we will call a reaction

  2. We will experience how reactions can be deactivated, and how deactivating a reaction not only frees our body from tension but also from the recurrent moods, beliefs, physical and perceptual limitations that we commonly experience in our daily and creative life

  3. We will understand the importance of attention, and how it can work in two opposite ways: it can diminish our insight and energy when focused on our inner world, conclusions, beliefs, and ‘everything we know’… or it can become a fast channel for new ideas, multiple insights, surprising connections never articulated before if we allow it to expand beyond ourselves and embrace the unknown

  4. Finally, using all the tools explored during the workshop, we will learn how to engage a deeply embodied and creative state of work —a state that we will call the creative flow— by learning to acknowledge and allow the flow of fear in the body.

Learn more about this paradigm involving embodiment, perception, fear, and creativity in The Conscious Body section of this website.



Ivan is a Somatic Trainer, Stage and Movement Director, and playwright originally from Barcelona, who has lived and worked around the world. Graduated as a Microelectronics Engineer (UAB, 2000), he shifts his career into the field of arts and therapy at 22 years old, graduating in Acting at the ESAD EOLIA (Barcelona, 2004), as a Somatic Trainer at the International School of The Grinberg Method (Switzerland, 2010), and attaining a Master Degree in Playwriting and Direction from the Royal Holloway University (London, 2015).

As a director, Ivan was awarded in 2014 a scholarship by the Spanish Fundació SGAE to develop his work internationally. Since then, his productions have premiered in Catalonia, France, the UK, and Taiwan. As a Somatic Trainer, Ivan leads ongoing research in the field of embodiment, presence, and creativity that draws on his many years of experience working as a Grinberg Method Practitioner and as a Vipassana meditator. 

The Conscious Body is a training program that addresses how to turn fear into a source of energy to attain a highly embodied and creative state of delivery. Developed since 2011 through workshops and classes, Ivan has presented this unique approach to fear, embodiment, and creativity around the world (Barcelona, London, Turkey, Taiwan, Australia, New Zealand, and Canada) to audiences of all kinds, from young professional companies to long-career experienced artists, as well as people from other backgrounds interested in living a healthier and more creative life.

After working as an actor for more than 15 years, Ivan founded The Amateurs Company, the platform through which he produces and directs his own creative work applying the tools and context developed in The Conscious Body to the real process of rehearsing and staging a play.

As a playwright, his show Big Bang! won the Entreactum Award (2014), the Arsènic-Roca Umbert Award (2015), and is currently on tour. His last production, Partícules Paral·leles, won the Best Show Award at the 25th Festival de Teatre de Barcelona (2021) and is also currently on tour. His play Elysium was longlisted for the Bruntwood Award (2018) and shortlisted for the Emerge Theatre Award (2019), both in the UK, and is currently in the stage of pre-production.

Ivan has been a commissioned artist of the Konvent Zero Artist Residency (2020), Cal Gras Artist Residency (2020), Helen Mitchell’s Foundation (Ireland, 2019), Tsung-Yeh Arts & Cultural Center (Tainan, 2018), and Can Serrat Artist Residency (Barcelona, 2017). 


The course will take place from the 22nd until the 25th of October 2021 at L’Hort de la Riera, an 18th-century stone house nestled in the magnificent Valley of Montserrat, two hours north of Barcelona Airport.

Accommodation will take place in single, double, and triple rooms. The course sessions will take place in the Sala Ambar, a 130 sq meters wooden-floor room within the premises of the house. Accommodation includes 4 nights (from Thursday until Monday), three meals a day plus two half-day snacks catered by the house chef Silvia, who combines a vegetarian Mediterranean cuisine with a healthy, modern twist, all cooked with organic, local ingredient.


    · 550€ (course fee, including accommodation in a triple room and full board)

    · 600€ (accommodation in a double room and full board)

    · 650€ (single room and full board)

    * 10% discount for early bird bookings applicable until the 1st of September 2021.


Registration online


For more information and inquiries, write to us at clara@theamateurscompany.com.

This workshop is organized by The Amateurs Company and the Inspirees Institute, in partnership with IACAET (International Association for Creative Arts in Education and Therapy) and OSIC (Catalonian Office for the Support of Cultural Entrepreneurship).

Instructor: Ivan Andrade (Spain)


October 22
October 25


Urb. Cal Pinyot -Masia Hort de la Riera, s/n, 08253, 08253 Sant Salvador de Guardiola, Barcelona, Spain
Urb. Cal Pinyot -Masia Hort de la Riera, s/n, 08253, 08253 Sant Salvador de Guardiola
Barcelona, 08253 Spain
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