Marcia Plevin

Marcia Plevin

Program Director (CM)

Marcia’s background has taken her from performing artist, choreographer and dance teacher in New York city, to Italy where, she studied to became a board certified dance movement therapist (DMT), an American board certified counselor and Italian psychologist, to pioneering DMT in Italy, Finland and Turkey. Co –founder in 1993 of the training program Creative movement- method Garcia-Plevin, the book  which describes the training, Creative Movement and Dance has been  published in Italian, French and English.  She received DMT training from Art Therapy Italiana in collaboration with Goldsmith College, University of London with a certification of  art psychotherapist.   She is a senior faculty member and supervisor for the Institute of Expressive   Arts Psychotherapy, Art Therapy Italiana.  Clinical practice in the past 20 years has been with patients recovering from substance abuse, adult psychiatric patients and with hemo-oncological unit patients on the pediatric unit of the Vatican children’s hospital.   Authentic Movement teacher and trainer she has begun and followed groups in Italy,Finland and Turkey. Marcia is a recent member of the faculty of Inspirees DMT programs in China.


  • Art Therapy Italiana,  Bologna, Italy, 4 year non-residential training program in art and dance movement therapy 1998-present.
  • Bilgi University, Istanbul, Turkey, DMT for psychology department. 2011- 2012
  • Oteki, Istanbul Turkey, a three year creative arts therapy training program – teach dance movement therapy theory and techniques, Rudolph Laban movement analysis ( Effort-Shape), 2003-present.
  • Association of Clinically Applied Psychology, teacher of dance movement therapy techniques for educational and rehabilitative programs, 2000.
  • Introduction to Dance Movement therapy, intensive courses; Italy, Spain, Turkey, Finland, 1994-present.


Authentic Movement Teacher

  • Creative Movement method Garcia Plevin® -  taught within the 3 year creative arts training program, Rome, 1995-present.
  • Vittikivi Educational Center, Haoho, Finland - teaching the ‘ground form’ in the tradition of Janet Adler, 1996-2005
  • Split Tree Farm Education Center, Georgia, USA, practice intensives, 1999- 2000.
  • Transpersonal Psychology Association, Rome, Italy, as part of yearly education program, 1994-1996.
  • Gestalt Institute of Barcelona, Spain, as part of yearly education program, 1999 - 2002.

Academic Appointments/Dance

  • Guest professor, National Academy of  Dance, Rome, teaching choreography for professional university degree program, 2002- 2003.
  • Faculty, National Academy of Dance, Rome - teaching modern dance technique and choreography. 1988 - 1996. 
  • Modern dance faculty of  Dance, University of North Carolina - teaching modern dance technique, choreography and choreographer for seasonal concert programs. 1976- 1980. 
  • Guest choreographer, National Academy of Rome - teaching modern dance technique and choreography to professional level program, 1971-1972.
  • Associate Professor and Chair of dance department, Southern Methodist University, Dallas, Texas. Teaching graduate level courses in dance composition, video choreography and administrative duties, 1984- 1986.
  • University of California at Santa Barbara - teaching modern dance technique and composition, 1978.

Creative movement - method Garcia-Plevin: integration of creative dance/movement, painting and music.  An inspiring and powerful method.