OA Journal CAET 2018 Statement

Author: Inspirees Corporate

CAET was founded in 2014 to further communication and cooperation between the East and West regarding the arts in therapy, education, and human understanding. The peer review Journal, centered in Beijing, began with a commitment to bridging emerging and traditional practices in China, its neighboring countries and cultures, with arts therapy and education communities in the West where the disciplines are more established; thus the decision was made to publish in English with summaries and supporting materials in Chinese. In the Fall of 2018 CAET became an Open Access (OA) Journal, the first of its kind in the various communities that it serves. Online publication significantly expands accessibility and incorporates color, imagery, and video to more effectively present the artistic expressions which inform every aspect of the publication. The inaugural OA issue (4.1) features Outsider Art in China in dialogue with the West. CAET subscriptions are also available in hard copy.


The Journal’s East-West perspective is dedicated to exploring, presenting, and understanding the necessary interdependence of all world communities — current, past, and future — as originally envisioned by the Sì Xiàng (四象), the four creatures who stand at the cardinal directions of the universe and affirm China’s historic emphasis on living in attunement to nature.  Contributions regarding how artistic expressions, in their infinite uniqueness, relate to this shared humanity are welcomed from all regions of the world.

The Journal encourages scholarly, engaging, and art-based submissions in varied media (visual art, film and video, dance, drama, poetry and literature, music, integrated arts, and all possible modes of artistic expression) presented in ways that are accessible to the public.  Read more.


CAET Executive Editorial Committee

Tony Zhou, Executive Editor

Shaun McNiff, Co-Editor-in-Chief

Stephen Levine, Co-Editor-in-Chief

Debra Kalmanowitz, Senior Editor

Anne McMaster, Senior Editor

Nuo Yang, Assistant Editor