Asian Center of Creative Arts Therapy opens in China

Author: Inspirees Corporate

The Asian Center of Creative Arts Therapy (ACCAT) was launched in Hangzhou, China on Dec 8, 2019, in parallel with the launching with the Inspirees Institute Hangzhou branch.  ACCAT is the initiative of Dr. Tony Zhou, the co-founder of CAET open access journal and Inspirees, the leading institute in creative arts somatic education and therapy in China. The mission of ACCAT aligns with the one from CAET: to bridge the East and West, serve the Asian and global community of arts education and therapy, and advance the humanity. ACCAT is the accredited center of IACASE (International Association of Creative Arts Somatic Education).


ACCAT is situated in Tonglu county of Hangzhou, in the eastern part of China, conveniently accessible by public transportation (direct high-speed train from Shanghai and Hangzhou). Tonglu is acclaimed to be one of the most beautiful counties in China, surrounded by numerous natural and cultural heritage sites. While it is an appealing tourist destination, it remains tranquil and ideal for meditation and rest.


The Center is established in collaboration with Dasein Spa & Hotel Corporate and well-equipped with various facilities, accommodations and a library. It will be used for the training, conferences and research programs of Inspirees, ACCAT and IACASE.  Oversea experts are encouraged to apply for the residential programs at ACCAT.


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