Inspirees was founded in 2004 in Delft, the Netherlands, by Mr. Boudewijn Heeren, a Dutch businessman dealing in books, and Dr. Tony Zhou, who has worked as a scientist and entrepreneur in China and Europe, having received his Ph.D. degree from the Delft University of Technology.

The focus of the company is on China and on bridging the West and East gap by breaking down the cultural barriers. Our two business divisions: Inspirees Publishing and Inspirees Institute offer innovative products, programs and services to our Chinese and overseas clients. Originally functioning as individual entities, the two divisions got integrated into Inspirees Education Group in 2018. The Dutch company, Inspirees International B.V., is located in the Netherlands, while its affiliated Chinese company, Inspirees Bowen, is registered and located in Beijing, China. We also have an office in Shanghai and several affiliated training centers in China.

We believe that the way people think has a great influence on how their talents and potential can be used, which, in turn, determines how successful they will be. Their minds need to be set free and they need to be inspired to think creatively. More and more values maybe be added on this basic concept. The mission of Inspirees is to inspire a person to attain the potential within, connect people together and deliver added values.


About Inspirees logo


‘Inspirees’, the name of our company, comes from the English word "Inspire".  The logo of Inspirees is a symbol of the sun, full of energy.  Orange is the lucky color in the Chinese and Dutch culture.  

Our brands

The following are our brands: ECPPC (European Chinese Publisher Promotion Center), Inspirees Institute, CAET (Creative Arts Education and Therapy).

Inspirees brands